Recognizing Pain In Dogs

Recognizing and treating pain in dogs has evolved dramatically over time. Since dogs are living longer and longer, they are also experiencing the deterioration and debilitation that goes along with aging.

Understanding Lyme Disease In Dogs

Lyme disease is transmitted to dogs through the bite of an infected tick. Once in the bloodstream, it is carried to many parts of the body and is likely to localize in joints or kidneys.

What Is Laser Therapy?

Therapeutic laser is the application of light energy to areas of the body to stimulate healing.

Reducing The Fear Of Veterinary Visits

Many pets are afraid when they come to the veterinary office and may show this fear as submissive urination, panting, drooling, avoidance, growling, snapping, or biting.

Helping Children Grieve The Loss Of A Pet

Many children have special relationships with their pets. Pets can even be a child’s closest confidante, finding comfort within the uncomplicated, unconditional love that only a pet can offer.

Learn The Basics Of Puppy Training

Your new puppy is learning during every waking moment! Every interaction you have with your puppy from the first time you meet will be a form of training.