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Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center

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6000 Scottsville Rd
Bowling Green, KY 42104
Phone: 270-781-5041
Fax: 270-746-0924

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SundayBoarding Pickup4:30 - 5:00pm
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Welcome to Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center

Your pets are family members too, and they deserve a veterinarian in Bowling Green who truly understands that. At Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center, every patient is important to us, and we take the time to truly understand their symptoms and health needs.

Our Bowling Green animal hospital is fully equipped to perform the veterinary services your pets need to stay healthy. Whether you need a check-up for your horse or a round of vaccinations for your rescue puppy, our talented team and state-of-the-art medical equipment will handle your needs with ease.

Meet Your Veterinarian in Bowling Green, KY


Leading the team here at Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center is Dr. Stan Snodgrass. Dr. Snodgrass has a degree from Auburn University and decades of experience with horses, dogs, cats, and other local animals. He is so passionate about pets that veterinary medicine was his childhood dream, and he credits animals with giving him an important purpose in life.

Veterinary Services for Cats and Dogs

Dogs and cats are the most common household pets in the United States, but every pet has a unique personality and unique medical needs. We offer preventative services, diagnostics, and treatments for cats and dogs of all breeds and ages here in Bowling Green.

Bring your cat or dog to Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center for some of the following veterinary services:

  • Core and Non-Core Vaccinations – We offer immunizations and booster shots to prevent rabies, Bordetella, distemper, and other life-threatening conditions in cats and dogs

  • Spay and Neuter Surgeries – Altering your pet is a routine way to prevent pet overpopulation, minimize behavioral risks, and reduce your pet's future risks of reproductive cancers and other fatal conditions

  • Diagnostics – Our world-class diagnostic equipment includes ultrasound imaging, stool sample analysis, and other innovative ways to detect obstructions or disease in your pets

  • Grooming – Excess fur is a choking hazard, and untrimmed nails may lead to broken bones or bloody injuries. We will groom your dog or cat to keep them comfortable and healthy

  • Soft Tissue Surgeries – Your Bowling Green veterinarian will surgically repair soft tissue damage or remove ingested objects, biopsy samples, or masses

  • Orthopedic Surgeries – We restore mobility and prevent infection with musculoskeletal procedures that correct fractures, defects, and damage caused by trauma

Veterinary Services for Horses and Exotic Pets

Does your horse need a Bowling Green animal hospital? Our equine vet has experience with a variety of injuries and conditions that affect local horses. We offer these veterinary services for Bowling Green horses:

  • Radiology – Our equine radiology team uses radiographs to assess fractures, wounds,, and the progression of arthritis and other degenerative joint diseases

  • Bloodwork – We monitor your horse's blood cell counts to rule out anemia, infection, and nutrient depletion that may contribute to recent symptoms

  • Equine Dental Care – We know how important it is to take care of your horse's teeth, and we make the process as comfortable as possible

Call us today to schedule your pet's first appointment!

We now own Faithful Friends Pet Crematory   

Call Angela at 270-842-4086

Dr. Stan Snodgrass
Bowling Green Veterinarian | Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center | 270-781-5041

6000 Scottsville Rd
Bowling Green, KY 42104

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I have benefited tremendously from the veterinarian care I received from Dr. Snodgrass.

John Doe / Bowling Green, KY

Office Hours

SundayBoarding Pickup4:30 - 5:00pm

Meet Dr. Snodgrass

Meet Dr. Snodgrass "Wanting to be a veterinarian as a young child and growing up in a small town. I didn’t really know what it took to be a veterinarian. After graduating from Ohio County High school in 1971, the real journey started! Going to Western Kentucky University , in the fall of 1971, it didn’t take me real long to get the mind set that I really didn’t have what it took to become a veterinarian. Three years passed by and I didn’t do very well in school because I didn’t know what I wanted to do. All of a sudden one day the dream was stronger, the positive attitude kicked in, the drive to do this was unstoppable! Study habits soared to hours & hours a day and weekends. Nothing was going to stop me!" Read More


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  • 6000 Scottsville Rd Bowling Green, KY 42104
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