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Our Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center in Bowling Green, KY Offers Orthopedic Surgery

Veterinary care sometimes requires orthopedic diagnosis and surgery to care for problems that affect animals’ comfort and mobility. Orthopedics deals with disorders of the bones, joints, and spine. These problems can occur because of accidents, diseases, congenital problems or simple aging. At Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center in Bowling Green, KY we provide orthopedic surgery to help keep your pet active and comfortable.

dog getting orthopedic treatment from vet

What Is Orthopedic Surgery?

When an animal has a problem with bones, joints or the spine, specialized care is necessary to determine the source of the problem and apply corrective measures. Orthopedic surgery is a veterinary specialty that treats these disorders with a variety of techniques, such as bone setting, insertion of pins or plates to hold bone fragments or joint repair and replacement.

Types of Orthopedic Problems A Vet Can Find During Screening

Using palpation of the body, x-rays, blood tests and ultrasound tests, the vet can determine the condition of the animal’s bones. Often these tests find fractures of the bone, abnormalities in joint structures, arthritis that affects comfort and movement and congenital problems that affect the animal’s ability to move efficiently.

Common Orthopedic Problems

Fractures of bones are among the most common problems that veterinarians must deal with during orthopedic exams. These injuries may be the result of being hit by a car, a fall or other type of accident. Cruciate ligament tears in the knee are another common problem seen by vets. Some small breeds of dog are subject to luxating patellas, in which the kneecap slips out of alignment, causing the animal to limp or avoid using the leg. Elbow dislocations are also common. Some large breeds of dog develop hip dysplasia that can cause difficulty in getting up, abnormal gait, decreased activity and pain. Osteoarthritis pain and stiffness is common in older animals.

How Our Veterinarian Can Help Post-Surgery

After an orthopedic surgery procedure, your vet can ensure the animal has healed properly and can move the affected area of the body without discomfort. The vet will provide pain medication to ensure your pet is comfortable during the healing process. If indicated, your vet can provide physical therapy to strengthen muscles that support the repaired bones. Your vet will also schedule follow-up visits to ensure the repair has provided effective mobility for your pet.

Contact Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center for Orthopedic Pet Surgery in Bowling Green!

Dr. Snodgrass and his team are dedicated to providing quality care for all their patients in Bowling Green, KY, and surrounding areas. We provide a full range of preventative care, surgery, laser therapy, dental care, boarding, and grooming. Call Snodgrass Veterinary Medical Center today at 270-781-5041 for an appointment to have your pet’s orthopedic problems evaluated and to learn about options for treatment.

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